March 30, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 13

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    Board of Trustees approves new 2000-01 tuition costs

    The Board of Trustees recently has approved the University’s College tuition for 2000-01. It will be $24,807.

    The board also approved new room and board rates of $8,070 for freshmen, bringing the total for freshman tuition and room and board to $32,877, a 3.86 percent increase from 1999-2000.

    Alicia Reyes, Director of the Office of College Aid, said the University will continue its policy of admitting the most qualified College applicants, regardless of their abilities to pay, and then meeting their full financial needs. However, Reyes added that Chicago has revised its policy on outside scholarships. Any scholarships an undergraduate student receives from outside organizations will no longer be deducted from the student’s financial award from the University.

    Among other universities that also have announced tuition, room and board rates for the 2000-01 year are Northwestern ($31,956, a 4.88 percent increase), MIT ($33,225, a 4.15 percent increase) and Yale ($32,880, a 2.94 percent increase).