March 30, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 13

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    Getting into his art
    First-year M.F.A. student Mike Benedetto was part and parcel of his installation Dialogue (1999-2000), a wooden box mounted on a wall in Reynold’s Club, in which he housed himself for more than 12 hours. This is the third iteration of a project the artist began earlier this year. The first phase was a 44-by-44-inch painting with the statement “You do not know enough to understand this” and a clipboard on which observers could write their comments. Benedetto then plastered the feedback onto his painting to create phase two. The number of angry reactions he received inspired him to create Dialogue in the same space, where, as the message on the box states, observers could learn about the artist by asking him questions through a funnel. Benedetto said the most surprising reaction to his work came from a group of students who refused to believe he was in the box. Alvin Quinones, a third-year student, converses with Benedetto through the funnel.
    [box] by jason smith