Jan. 6, 2000
Vol. 19 No. 7

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    President Sonnenschein appoints Greg Jackson University CIO

    President Sonnenschein has appointed Greg Jackson the University’s Chief Information Officer.

    In this newly created position, Jackson will report to the President and add oversight of the University’s core administrative computing systems to his current responsibilities as Associate Provost for Information Technology.

    The individuals currently operating these systems will become part of the central Networking Services & Information Technologies organization.

    Jackson will chair an Administrative Systems Strategy Group appointed by Sonnenschein, which will set priorities in scheduling and funding for administrative-computing upgrades and renewal.

    The group also will assemble and implement a long-term plan for key administrative systems and will be solely responsible for submitting funding requests for administrative systems to the University Budget Committee.

    Since joining the University in 1996, Jackson has managed its central computing facilities, telephone and communications systems, network services, academic-computing services, computer store, help desk and related activities.

    As Associate Provost, he also has worked closely with the University’s widely diverse academic and administrative units to frame and guide more distributed information-technology activities and to ensure the University makes optimal use of information technology in education, research and administration.